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Riviere Law is a specialised legal practice representing clients on the Central Coast of NSW. Founder and director, Marc Riviere, is a highly skilled solicitor advocate and a criminal law and forensics expert.

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I am so grateful to Mr Riviere for his hard work and effort. To say "Thank you so much" is not enough-for what he has done for me. I highly recommend him as the best lawyer for others. Mr Riviere provided an outstanding and extremely professional service. Mr Riviere accurately explained all aspects of my matters and kept me promptly informed and properly focused from the start to the end of the process. Mr Riviere practise manager Ann-Maree is a very professional and committed in making the process easier.
Whilst I was down stairs in the court house waiting for my paper work a couple that was in the back of the court room that had seen Mr Riviere in action explained to me that they thought my lawyer was very knowledgeable not only in criminal law but was well prepared and presented my case extremely well. I would be happy to recommend Mr Riviere for anyone seeking exceptional professional legal assistance. Mr Riviere has my consent to contact me if you require confirmation on any of the above.
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