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Riviere Law is a specialised legal practice representing clients on the Central Coast of NSW. Founder and director, Marc Riviere, is a highly skilled solicitor advocate and a criminal law and forensics expert.

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Stay In Control: A Warning

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It was going to be the second time I lost my license. Both while holding P plates and 20 km over speeding. Let's say odds weren't looking in my favour.
After a few friends had recommended Marc I decided I should try my luck.
My current circumstances were in desperate need for a license, so I wanted the best.
Well, I wasn't let down. I received a 3-week sentence, and I was looking at three months.
So that meant I got all my points back as well. Extremely happy with the result.
If I could explain Marc in one word, it would be class.
Highly recommend Riviere Law to anyone.

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