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Marc Riviere entered the New South Wales Police at the age of 21. He was immediately identified as an excellent public speaker who was able to engage and identify with an audience.

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Many thanks for your services in 2010 and just recently in April. It was so pleasing to deal with you as the owner of your business, your eye for detail and looking at the options was beyond my expectations, and the way you detailed the whole court process was comforting. Not to forget your presentation at court was faultless, clear and to the point. I could not recommend you more highly. You are more than professional and not to mention a kind, caring and gentle person.
Marc has done an exceptional job in representation with my case, I highly recommend him for any of your matters, he has displayed a high quality in the profession for what he does, we got an incredible outcome and didn't think that the outcome we got could have been achieved with anyone else's representation. Thank you for your support, it was much appreciated and worth every cent.

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A distinguished and practical career in criminal casework

Marc’s career path and achievements have helped him to become a solicitor who can offer both expertise and empathy. He will listen carefully to what clients have to say and then skilfully guide them through the legal maze.

Marc’s experience in the police force has given him a detailed understanding of criminal investigation procedures and forensic evidence; the type of evidence upon which many police cases hinge. He is an accomplished public speaker and has won area and regional public speaking contests with Toastmasters International.

Marc has completed his Diploma of Law and Graduate Certificate of Legal Practice. He works exclusively in the area of criminal law, but has also conducted care proceedings in the children’s court and has a detailed knowledge of procedures in the coroner’s court.

Police Career: Community Relations

Marc Riviere entered the New South Wales Police force at the age of 21. He quickly proved himself as a natural and engaging public speaker and was seconded to the Community Relations Unit where he initiated the Neighbourhood Watch Programme and lectured at primary and high schools across NSW.

Police Career: Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

During almost 10 years of service as a CSI, Marc worked all over NSW, investigating matters including; murder, arson, suicide, motor vehicle accidents, break enter and steal and coroner’s investigations.

Marc was involved in major investigations and activities including:

  • Investigation/examination of the Belanglo Backpacker Murders
  • Determination of the 1995 Como/Jannali fires
  • Assisting with draft DNA database legislation for submission to the NSW Parliament
  • Investigation into the murder of Constable David Carty

Qualifications and awards

Marc has received his Diploma in Applied Science (Forensic Investigations) through the Canberra Institute of Technology. He was awarded Certificates for Outstanding Achievement in the following areas of study:

  • Specialist Project (Forensic Entomology)
  • Physical Evidence Comparison
  • Vehicle Examination
  • Other courses completed during his work with CSI:
  • Wildfire Origin and Cause Determination
  • Statement of Attainment in Explosives (Powderman’s Certificate)
  • Arson Awareness Certificate
  • Certificate in Forensic Photography
  • Certificate in Drafting

Police Career: Police Prosecuting

Marc was responsible for the day to day running of police prosecutions in the local court where he was able to apply his knowledge from investigation work to hearings.

Qualifications and awards

Marc placed second in the 1998 Miln Shield, a state-wide public speaking competition adjudicated by NSW Supreme Court Judge, Justice Gaudron.

Marc has won numerous Regional awards in Toastmasters public speaking competitions.

Riviere Law won the 2013 Central Coast Business Excellence Award for Excellence in Business Ethics and qualified as a state finalist in this category.

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