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Marc Riviere is an expert legal representative and advocates in Criminal Law matters.

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Personal Advocacy

Representing you every step of the way

A consummate and convincing presenter

It is important that your legal representative has a deep understanding of the law. It is just as vital that the person representing you in court is an effective advocate who can argue your case persuasively.

Marc has an outstanding record as a public speaker, and an enviable record of using these skills in court to benefit his clients. He can skillfully engage magistrates, judges, justices and juries so they are fully aware of the important issues for your case. Marc’s success as an advocate is well-known in legal circles and he is regularly sought out by other solicitors to represent their clients in court.

In 2013 Marc’s outstanding presentation to the Traffic Offender Intervention Program was recorded for presentation to TOP courses throughout the state.

Comprehensive experience in courtrooms across NSW

Marc has acted in many different roles at trials and hearings during his career. During his years in CSI, he appeared many times as an expert witness in murder trials and experienced cross-examination by some of NSW’s most successful barristers and legal counsel. Together with his experience as a Police Prosecutor and Solicitor Advocate, Marc has unrivalled expertise in the running of complex and lengthy trials and hearings.

Marc appears regularly in the district and supreme courts of New South Wales. He also conducts care and criminal proceedings in the children’s court and has a thorough understanding of procedures in the coroner’s court. Marc has also appeared in the criminal court of appeal, a forum normally restricted to barristers.

Speaking for clients in superior jurisdictions gives Marc expertise not shared by solicitors whose work is limited to local courts. Wherever your proceedings are heard, Marc can represent you.

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