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Marc’s track record as a criminal lawyer includes hundreds of appearances in local and superior courts, giving him the experience and skills to act on your behalf through every stage of your case. His qualifications and knowledge of criminal law enable him to advise you and prepare every detail of your case.

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Criminal LAW

Criminal Lawyer & Solicitor, Marc Riviere


360-degree knowledge of criminal law and police procedure

Having served as a Crime Scene Examiner and a Police Prosecutor during his career, Marc can thoroughly review all evidence gathered by police. He is also very familiar with the procedures police investigators follow and can advise you and act on your behalf to make sure your case benefits from these proceedings and any evidence police have collected. Sometimes the police do not produce all the evidence available and Marc’s knowledge enables him to know when evidence is missing and how to locate it.

Experienced and qualified in forensics

Police evidence, in particular, physical evidence, is the information on which many criminal cases hinge. Marc studied forensics for his Diploma in Applied Science (Forensic Investigations) at the Canberra Institute of Technology, making him one of a small and select group of solicitors in Australia who can claim academic expertise and practical experience in forensics and physical evidence.

Substantial track record in criminal casework

Thanks to his experience in police investigations and criminal proceedings for the prosecution and the defence, Marc has been involved in the investigation and conduct of more murder and attempted murder cases in the Courts than almost any other solicitor on the Central Coast. The knowledge Marc has gathered benefits all his clients, even those charged with less serious offences.

Acting for children and adults

There is a significant overlap between adult and children’s criminal matters and Marc has been just as successful in children’s criminal law as he has been in adult criminal jurisdictions. He is a highly valued legal expert, sought out by many parents needing specialist advice and skilled representation in children’s court matters.

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